Pra editing means Pra procrastinating with writing


Arts Illustrated

My association with this magazine, first as Consultant Editor and now as Editor, began in 2014, a few months before my daughter was born. Along with a small team and a large group of freelance writers, I ideate, curate and edit (and write) for Arts Illustrated, a theme-based contemporary arts magazine. To subscribe (please do!):

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A brief, year-long stint with this lifestyle magazine was exciting because it gave me the opportunity to design the editorial content before its launch and literally shape its beginnings.



Global Adjustments' 25-year-old monthly magazine on Indian culture for expats living in India was where I learnt most of what I now know of magazine production. During the close to eight-year association, from editorial coordinator to managing editor, I learnt how to build and maintain writer networks, and balance the economics of production and distribution with the aesthetics of content.